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VoIP Service Overview

VoIP Business Telephone Solutions

VoIP Overview

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has changed the way business is conducted worldwide. CirrusBell is a pioneer in the use of voice communications via the Internet, enabling businesses to seamlessly and cost-effectively consolidate multimedia applications such as voice, data, video and data over a single communication circuit and connect with customers, vendors and partners worldwide. This is generally referred to as voice over IP services.

CirrusBell solutions are robust enough for large business and also affordable enough for small business, home office, and home users. Any company that seeks to reduce its telecommunications costs and yet expand functionality is a candidate for CirrusBell's broadband phone service. We work closely with a variety of Value-Added Resellers (VARs), systems integration organizations, and other service providers to package our services for customers.

Choices in voice communication today can be confusing. Contact us for a discussion on the benefits of a VoIP solution.

Exceptional Value for Business Customers

With CirrusBell unique solutions, multiple costly leased lines are no longer needed. You can save money without sacrificing quality. Many organizations have installed dedicated lines such as T-1, DSL, or PRI/BRI to provide bulk long distance telecommunications services. Other enterprises may use ISDN lines for the same purpose. CirrusBell eliminates the need for a second dedicated connection. Existing or new broadband Internet access connects the enterprise to the CirrusBell network, delivering lower costs and exceptional value. Because CirrusBell offers telephone numbers (also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers from across the US and Canada as well as from many locations worldwide, enterprises can expand their reach at highly attractive prices. These VoIP DID's allow organizations to have a "virtual" presence in cities around the world. Imagine calls originating in London (UK), Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and Miami all ringing at an office in New York!, for example.

Cost Savings Small office and home office users as well.

CirrusBell reduces telecommunications costs for your home office or home use by optimizing bandwidth usage and combining voice and data over a single IP connection. CirrusBell solutions offer additional savings by eliminating the cost and maintenance associated with troublesome and expensive legacy leased line phone services while reducing long-distance telephone charges. In addition, CirrusBell allows enterprises to retain their legacy PBX or customer premises equipment (CPE) and connect to the network in an evolutionary – rather than revolutionary fashion.